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The Atlas Chemical DI Water System is designed for converting RO Water to Ultra Pure DI Water. 

Unlike other units which only contain 1.5 CF of DI Resin, Our unit contains a full 2 Cubic Feet of DI Resin for better performance and longer life.


Each tank comes with 1” Male and 1” Female  Polypropylene Camlock Fittings installed, and includes a 1” Schedule 80 PVC On/Off Ball Valve.

The polyglass tank is 12” wide x 52 inches tall and the overall height of the system to the top of the red valve handle is 56.5”


The DI Water System is pre-loaded with 2 Cubic Feet (92 LBS) of MB-115BG Resin for UltraPure DI Applications (strong acid + strong base, H+OH form).

(2) Additional cubic feet of DI Resin are provided and are packed into (3) 5 Gallon Buckets and sealed air/liquid tight.



Resin Type: Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin for Ultra Pure Water Production, (strong acid + strong base, H+OH form, 1:1.5 Ratio)

Minimum Flow Rate: 6 GPM  to avoid “channeling” of water through resin

Maximum Flowrate for RO Water is 12 GPM.

Feed Water: RO Water is suggested to greatly extend resin life

Maximum Operating Pressure: 100 PSI on Camlocks and 150 PSI on Polyglass Tank)

NOTE: Water will flow through the resin in an “Upflow” direction.  So the “OUT” port is the RO water Intake, and the “IN” port is the DI Outflow.


Approximate DI Water yields for RO Water:

RO Water @ 15 ppm TDS = 24,000 Gals DI Water

RO Water @ 10 ppm TDS = 34,000 Gals DI Water

RO Water @ 5 ppm TDS = 60,000 Gals D

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