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Atlas Chemical began business operations in 1987. We manufacture and sell a line of products for industrial cleaning, including refineries, chemical plants, trucking terminals and ships.

We also custom-blend products for oil-field suppliers, and others, making and storing their products for them, and shipping upon demand.


For the last 12 years, Atlas Chemical has focused on manufacturing and supplying products to the world-wide shipping industry for cleaning tanks.  With the ever-increasing regulations of the industry by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and with cleaning standards that are constantly getting more specific and demanding, Atlas Chemical has accepted the challenge to excel in this market by researching and developing products that allow the operators to meet their tank cleaning goals and standards.

Atlas Chemical has more than a dozen products that are approved by the IMO, and listed on the MEPC.2/CIRC.17.

We are one of the fastest growing companies world-wide for tank cleaning products, with stock points in Houston, Texas (USA) our home, New York, Panama, Trinidad, Rotterdam, Fujairah, Singapore, and Suez.


"We want to have the best line-up of tank cleaning products available, worldwide. Products that are reliable, time after time, tank after tank".


We will spare no expense in striving to reach this goal. To be the best, you have to "have the best", and we will focus on this goal, with the input of our consulting chemists throughout the U.S

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